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Symbols used in these instructions

Important warnings are identied by these symbols.
It is vital to respect these warnings.
Failure to observe the warning could result in life threatening
injury by electric shock.
Failure to observe the warning could result in injury or damage
to the appliance.
Danger of burns!
Failure to observe the warning could result in scalds or burns.
Please note:
This symbol identies important advice or information for the

Fundamental safety warnings

This is an electrical appliance and may cause electrical shocks.
You should therefore follow these safety warnings:
Never touch the appliance with damp hands or feet.
Never touch the plug with damp hands.
Make sure the socket used is freely accessible at all times,
enabling the appliance to be unplugged when necessary.
Unplug directly from the plug only.
Never pull the power cable as you could damage it.
To disconnect the appliance completely you must unplug it
from the mains socket.
If the appliance is faulty, do not attempt to repair.
Turn it o, unplug from the mains socket and contact
Customer Services.

If the plug or power cable is damaged, it

must be replaced by De’Longhi Customer

Services only to avoid all risk.

During cleaning, never immerse the coee

maker in water. It is an electrical appliance.

Before cleaning the outside of the appliance, turn it o,
unplug from the mains socket and allow to cool.
Keep all packaging (plastic bags, polystyrene foam) away from

This appliance can be used by children

aged from 8 years and above and persons

with reduced physical, sensory or mental

capabilities or lack of experience and

knowledge if they have been given

supervision or instruction concerning use of

the appliance in a safe way and understand

the hazards involved.

Children shall not play with the appliance.

Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be

made by children without supervision.

Danger of burns!
This appliance produces hot water and steam may form while
it is in operation.
Avoid contact with splashes of water or hot steam.
When the appliance is in operation, please be aware that the
cup warmer shelf becomes hot.

Surfaces marked with this symbol

become hot during use (the symbol

is present in certain models only).

Designated use

This appliance is designed and made to prepare coee and heat
This is a household appliance only.

It is not intended to be used in:

• sta kitchen areas in shops, oces and

other working environments

• farm houses

• by clients in hotels, motels and other

residential type environments

• bed and breakfast type environments.

Any other use is considered improper and thus dangerous.
The manufacturer is not liable for damage deriving from
improper use of the appliance.

Instruction for use

Read this Instruction for Use carefully before using the
appliance. Failure to follow this Instruction for Use may result in
burns or damage to the appliance.
The manufacturer is not liable for damage deriving from failure
to respect this Instruction for Use.


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