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Fine Tune Your Fit

Measuring the torso
Why is torso length important?
The most important consideration when buying a
backpack is your torso length – the measurement from
the base of your neck to the top of your hip bone. If
we’re getting technical, it’s the distance from the top
of your iliac crest to your C7 vertebra. No matter what
size of load you’re carrying, you want a backpack that
comfortably fits your frame. And your torso length, not
your height, determines which backpack suits you most.
How to measure torso length.
Lean your head forward and locate the most prominent bone at the base of your neck. This is your C7
vertebra and the top of your torso.
Put your hands on your hips so that your index fingers are in line with the top of the hip bone and
pointing towards your belly button, and your thumbs are pointing towards your spine. Draw an
imaginary line between your thumbs and follow the line to where it crosses your spine. This marks the
bottom of your torso. The top of your hip bone is also called your iliac crest. It’s the bone that supports
your backpack’s weight when the hipbelt wraps around your waist. Stand up straight and get a friend
to measure the distance from your C7 to the imaginary line between your thumbs. This is your torso
Measuring the Hips
Why is hip size important?
When carrying large loads over long distances,
it’s much less tiring to carry the weight on your
hips than your shoulders. In fact, approximately
80% of a backpack’s load should be supported
by your hips. So it’s really important to find a
hipbelt that fits properly.
How to measure your hip size.
Grab your flexible measuring tape and wrap it around the top of your hips, not your waist. This is the
same spot where your thumb and index fingers will rest when measuring your torso length.


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